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Srirangam Rajagopuram Embroidery Pieces for sale in Trichy (verified)

Srirangam Rajagopuram Embroidery Pieces for sale in Trichy

The empathy of the young and energetic TILUN Amembers found that Trichy had quite a few special schools to give basic education to spastic children, and children with behavioral problems like autism, mental retardation etc. However the children were not able to get further vocational training which could help them keep fully engaged and earn some small amount to support themselves or supplement their family income This mind boggling achievement is due to the sincere, silent and highly committed work of members of the Trichy Innovative Ladies United Needlework Association (TILUNA). 01. Measured an area of 86x63 cms 02. Covered an area of 6.9 sq.ft. 03. Has as many as 82,875 stitches. 04. Total thread length 720 metres 05. Of ten different colours giving a three dimensional effect. 06. With frame. CORPORATE AND BULK ORDERS If you are interested in purchasing SRIRANGAM RAJAGOPURAM Embroidery pieces in bulk, or you would like to process a large corporate order,

Thillainagar, Tiruchirappalli , TRICHY
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